A Close Look at the JBL Synchros E40BT Headphones

With the popular trend these days as having a pair of Bluetooth headphones that come complete with all the cool settings you’d hope for with a modern pair of headphones, where do you turn with so many companies selling offering new headphones?  JBL is one option that you can follow in making a new choice of headphones this year. One good option in the JBL range is the Synchros E40BT. Although it’s been out since 2014 it’s still a very solid Bluetooth headphones and we’ll discuss why right here on Headphones Expert Blog.

A great Set of JBL headphones for the Price

Firstly the price of the Synchros E40BT isn’t so steep yet the clever folks at JBL have managed to pack it with really good quality parts. If we had to criticize it then I would say that the bass is a little light. And perhaps as they are a tad tight on the ears it could cause a degree of discomfort for some. But overall, don’t let this affect your decision too much because the Sunchros E40BT are a really good pair of headphones for the price. And, you can share the signal with other devices which we think is a nice touch to be sociable while wearing your headphones.

How tough are the JBL Synchros E40BT?

So the headphones are on-the-ear as stated in the Headphones Hound review. This means that they don’t fully cover your ears. Instead they press on the ear which some people may find to be a tad uncomfortable but as they are smaller they are more portable than over-the-ear headphones. But, with nice leatherette material covering the padded cups, there’s a nice feeling of high quality about the headphones and they are quite hard to break as well. The JBL logos are a bit too prominent for our taste and remind us of a Sennheiser pair of cheap DJ headphones a little bit. Thanks to https://dj-equipment-hq.com/dj-equipment-beginners-guide/ for helping with the info to make this post.